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Monday, June 1, 2009

Final Image Preview

Final Image Preview

Step: 1
Create a new Blank Document with white background of minimum size 1024x768. If you want a wide screen wallpaper then you can go with other resolutions.

Step: 2
Firstly go to the bottom of the layer tab New Fill and select Gradient with two colors from White to #b4ecf8 with Angle -45 Degree.



Step: 3
Create a new layer, select color #3da9ee and fill the top-left area of the document using a big radius brush as shown in the screenshot.


Step 4:
Now do the same in the Top-Right corner using color #9be1fb shown in the screenshot.


Step 5:
Again also do the same thing in the Bottom-Left side of the document with the color #aadaee using same that big size brush.


Step 6:
In this way using different color try to make it look like given in the screenshot.


Step 7:
This is the most important step to create the spark lines:
1) First of all take Brush Tool and got its preset menu and select the 1Px radius with smoothing.
2) Now select Pen Toll and go to its properties and check Rubber Bend.
3) Draw a line using Pen tool as in the screenshot and then right click on the document and select Stroke Path using Brush. Make sure you have selected white color for white lines.
4) Now go the Blending Options of that layer and check Outer Glow and just set these settings
Mode: Normal
Color: White
Opacity: 50
Spread: 5
Size: 5


Step 8:
Just do the same thing using new layer. Now keep both of the layers in a Group Box and named it 100%.


Step 9:
Now just create some more lines randomly and again keep them in a group box and set its opacity to 70% and also name the Group Box 70% for better understanding.


Step 10:
Create some more lines and the same in a Group Box and name it 25% and set the group box opacity 25%.


Step 11:
Now we have to create green lines for that first of all select green color and using the Pen tool make the lines from bottom right to the middle of the document as in the screenshot.


Step 12:
Now select custom shape tool and Append All the shapes after that you can see all the shapes.
Select the leaf and flower shape and just try to create the same as in the screenshot and adjust it like it is branched to one of the spark lines. Using the Transformation you will easily get it.


Step 13:
Again select the shape tool and select the Bird, make sure you have selected white color and draw as in the screenshot.


Step 14:
The next step is to create cloudy area in the bottom right now with a new layer. Select Brush and set its radius 300px and create some cloudiness using white color. Now reduce its radius with 50% and spread the white color little bit outside the corner.

It will look like this.

Step 15:
For the small circular white spot again select the brush tool and randomly create white spots with different opacities.
Finally you will at there.


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Great tutorial buddy!!

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Super cool tutorial buddy!!!

I'll be waiting for more from your blog! Keep it up!

Im a member of merawindows too, saw your post and visited.

Admin said...

Thanks to all....

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